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We are a small but worldwide-recognized embedded firmware development consultancy that leverages years of industry experience to provide innovative solutions. We help hardware OEMs and ODMs to achieve their full potential, security, and reliability of delivered products through Dasharo open-source firmware distributions. Dasharo combines coreboot, EDKII (UEFI reference implementation), LinuxBoot, U-Boot, and other open-source firmware projects to provide clean and simple code, long-term maintenance, transparent validation, privacy-respecting implementation, liberty for the owners, and trustworthiness for all.

We support the medical industry using Verified Boot and Secure Boot technologies for Real-Time Operating Systems and Embedded Linux. Hyper-scale cloud providers get our firmware design and security skills to secure their computing infrastructure. Trusted Computing and Trusted Execution Environment applications are used and developed by us every day. There is no embedded software, firmware, or close-to hardware related challenge we would not consider.

Our activity on high-profile professional conferences ( FOSDEM, Xen Project Summit, OSFC and others), organization and co-organization of various events (Qubes OS Summit) position us as a recognized community member and leader in evangelizing the use of open-source solutions.

Over the years, the community recognized us as coreboot licensed service providers, UEFI Adopters, LVFS Consultants, and Yocto Participants and accepted our membership in OpenPOWER Foundation.

Our team consists of passionate engineers and developers from open source software, firmware, and hardware communities, frequent conference speakers, and people who love to tinker with bits. Every day we develop bleeding-edge low-level security solutions using top open-source frameworks.

For a closer look at the idea of open source and to understand why it is so important to us, we encourage you to watch the video we created together with Mateusz Chrobok: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDiLGMqoc6c

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