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Are You interested in learning how to use AWS Cloud in IoT? Here You can learn more!

Introduction to IoT at AWS – part 1: Connectivity” training is designed as an introduction to the Internet of Things domain, covering various aspects of connectivity and device management using AWS Cloud.

During this training, you will learn:

The fundamental principles of the Internet of Things (IoT),
How to represent devices in the AWS IoT Core device registry,
How to establish trust in a distributed IoT environment,
How to use the Private Key and X.509 Certificate as proof of identity for devices,
The basics of the MQTT protocol, the various connectivity options it provides, and the best practices in designing the MQTT Topic structure,
How to ensure end-to-end message delivery in distributed IoT environment,
The best practices for designing the MQTT Topics,
Important limits of the AWS IoT Core service,
… and many more IoT-related aspects!

This training is available as live virtual training – every participant is encouraged to ask questions and experiment. You can also buy the self-study materials if you prefer to learn on your own.

No programming or AWS knowledge is required to participate in this training. You will receive a sample Python code with easy-to-understand comments and explanations.

No AWS experience is needed. Every AWS service used during this training will be explained in detail.

The only requirement is an AWS account and a web browser.

You can find additional details at: https://www.thingrex.com/training/

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